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Consulting services




Freeconcept offers consulting services, based on a customer support activity, sharing its strengths with it:

  • Knowledge;
  • Know-how;
  • Organization.

We add skills and spare no effort for the success of the projects in which we are involved.

In an increasingly digital world, we support organizations in their transformation, considering processes and supporting the strategy to respond to the challenges of the new digital economy. With the experience and know-how of our consultants and our partners, we deliver results, aligned with the best interest and will of those who trust us.



Our exclusive methodology is based on decades of expertise, synthesized in an original approach, fully client success-oriented



  • Facilitate each individual work, simplifying each task;
  • Minimize the effort of higher intervention and control;
  • Deconstruct complexity by breaking it down into simple tasks.


  • Organize work by coordinating elementary tasks;
  • Establish and ensure operational standards;
  • Deepen the sense of organization and fluidity of work.


  • Monitor and control ongoing processes;
  • Obtain management information, from the top to the operational areas;
  • Audit the work developed.


  • Guide the work according to the roles and levels of intervention;
  • Work will meet its deliverer;
  • Tasks are assigned to each one.

A global Approach


Organizations that align their strategy with their vision and practices in terms of information systems and commercial effort are those that demonstrate greater effectiveness in obtaining results, visible internally and externally.

Freeconcept intends to be an accelerator of this dynamic, diagnosing based on reference practices, assessing the feasibility of change and defining a solution, which is implemented and managed together with the customer.