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Technology training



Freeconcept offers a range of training in critical domains for every organization. We focus our training activity on technologies and data protection, essential elements for an organization to develop its “future proof” operation.


We provide highly specialized training in Oracle databases, MS SQL, My SQL, enhancing the maximization of an organization's data potential and its continuous improvement towards differentiating levels of effectiveness.

Data protection

The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is a European law regulation on privacy and protection of personal data, applicable to all individuals in the European Union and European Economic Area that was created in 2018. Freeconcept provides training in the implementation of rules and good practices of data protection and privacy, in a logic of total compliance and traceability.


We are official suppliers of training in Agile methodologies, specially Scrum, a set of behaviors, processes, practices and tools used for the creation of products and their subsequent availability with superior efficiency.


Apoiamos indivíduos e pequenos negócios na realização da formação da Academia de Comércio Digital desenvolvida pela ACEPI com o apoio do governo português, potenciando a autonomia das empresas nesta área apoiando empreendedores que pretendam desenvolver o seu próprio negócio de marketing digital.