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Freeconcept is a technological company, oriented towards the success of its customers, achieved based on an approach of simplicity, innovation and truth.

In an increasingly digital world, we support organizations in their transformation, considering processes and supporting the strategy to respond to the challenges of the new digital economy. With the experience and know-how of our consultants and our partners, we deliver results, aligned with the best interest and will of those who trust us.


We believe in the value of freedom. Each organization must be free to apply its time and resources to priority activities, within the scope of its strategy and business model. For this reason, we invest in software development using technologies that enhance freedom of movement, remote work and the digital transformation of each operation.


We provide an extensive training offer in critical areas for all organizations. We focus our training activity on project management, technologies and data protection, which are essential elements for an organization to develop its “future proof” activity..


We provide a set of support services in several strategic areas of Information Systems: technological modernization, maintenance, networks and operating systems.

We carry out support activities on site and remote , being able to support you wherever you are.




We offer a wide range of services, in different areas, related to information technologies and digital transformation projects for companies and businesses.