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Technology Services

Digital Transformation


Information systems and technologies are part of the business. Some businesses today are fully supported in information systems and technologies and many would not exist without the verified evolution of information technologies. Other businesses were lost because they did not know how to adapt and they have lost opportunities, market and value.

Digital transformation is no more than the way companies are structured and modify their business strategy through the use of digital technologies, to respond to the needs of their customers and increase the value of their business and their organization.

Technology must be at the service of the company and the business. Technological solutions need to be aligned with the organization's strategy, ensuring operational and management processes that adequately support operations.

For every need, a solution.


Freeconcept's technical team and consultants own the capacity to support companies, in particular SMEs, to take safe steps in the digital transformation.

Evolution without disruption, an integrated proposal services to support digital transformation:

  • Business processes elicitation and systematization
  • Buisiness processes adaptation, to incorporate Information Systems and Technologies
  • Evaluation and selection of IT solutions, according to the business strategy and objectives;
  • Tailored solutions development;
  • Installation, configuration and administration of systems and technologies tailored to the needs and possibilities.
  • Training, to support digital transformation