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FreeConcept believes in the value of freedom. Each organization must be free to apply its time and resources to priority activities, within the scope of its strategy and business model. For this reason, we invest in software development using technologies that enhance freedom of movement, remote work and the digital transformation of each operation..



"The Modern Platform for Serious Applications"

Rapid Application Delivery is the new name adopted by the OutSystems platform.

A platform that, from a single IDE, called Service Studio, can generate .NET and JAVA code without a minimum knowledge about those languages from the developer. To perform queries to Database without writing any SQL line.

With a single button inside Service Studio (Click & Publish) it is possible to have applications ready to use in seconds.

Mobile responsive, Outsystems technology also allows access to features such as Photo Camera, Barcode Scanner, Geolocation, Calendar, Contacts List and even files stored on the phone.



Agile platform for modeling and automatic generation of integrated information systems, in different architectures and languages, such as MVC, HTML 5, Javascript, C # or C ++.

Based on methodologies such as MDD (Model Driven Development), RAD (Rapid Application Development) and DevOps, it is especially recommended for complex, unique and urgent projects.

Up to 10x faster and with 1/10 of the resources to develop new projects.


The Leading .NET CMS

DNN (aka DotNetNuke) is an open-source web application platform, ideal for creating and deploying projects such as commercial websites, corporate intranets and extranets, online publishing portals, and vertical custom applications.


SharePoint: your mobile smart intranet

Microsoft SharePoint is a Microsoft web application platform, used in the creation of business portals and intranets, content management, document management and creation of collaborative portals, and publishing of web applications.