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Our experience areas


FreeConcept rgathers a vast expertise in key-sectors of the economy, country leveragers where the company operates:


Banking: we bring together know-how and several success stories in leading players operating on Portuguese-speaking banking sector, as well as in interbank entities, providing value and contributing to the solidity and stability of their operations, in a logic of constant innovation and market leadership.


Utilities: we offer a wide range of solutions that have been supporting the growth and expansion of utility operators, especially water and energy utilities.


Public Sector: the knowledge we gather on Public Administration, both in Europe and on the African continent, provides us with an approach based on clarity and the ability to offer good practices with a wide technical and cultural acceptance in governmental and administrative structures.


SME: we know the business fabric companies area made and respond to their main needs, boosting the evolution towards models that favor health security and remote work, in challenging times.


NGO: Non-Governmental Organizations, third sector entities and associations know that they can count on our skills and social awareness to leverage their mission and support development.